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Hello Europe!

I think I should start off by writing up who I am, what is Yorkville and why I started it up. Hi! I am Miss Jules, a.k.a MJ.

I am a Canadian woman living in Germany. I have lived here for almost 8 years now and positively love my European lifestyle. I am constantly travelling around Europe and always wanted to blog about the cool places I am so lucky to visit.

Coming from Toronto, I absolutely loved the area of Yorkville and this website is dedicated to one of the most fashion forward areas of the world. I have been working in retail and fashion buying for many years and with a small team, we opened up this website. We are constantly adding new products every day such as Balmain, Cavalli Class, Versace Jeans, Michael Kors, Coach and many more. My goal is to help all the beautiful people of Europe to buy brand name clothing for less. Yorkville is an online outlet dedicated to great quality products at affordable prices. I just want to share my love for fashion with everyone. Use Coupon Code New20 to enjoy an extra 20% off. This will be available until February 28th.


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